European Bank

Digital document archive and retrieval



Every day branch offices would receive countless enquiries about communications but they were only able to deliver transaction listings printed from their mainframe application. What’s more, the bank was producing more than one hundred million pages per year and planned to back archive an estimated one billion documents. The bank needed a centrally based, consolidated online archive and retrieval solution to initially service staff and their customers.


Déjar is a web-based solution enabling efficient storage and high speed retrieval of large volumes of documents.

It manages all types of personalised documents including letters, invoices, bank statements and cheques. Using an open interface for easy integration to 3rd party systems (eg SAP), Dejar can scale to any customer requirement. Solution Dynamics developed a suite of tools based on Déjar to provide transactional management, archival, compliance and reporting for communications. We interfaced to their various data sources to provide a solution that gave them a “single customer view”.

The solution is used by the call centre, bank staff and customers via the internet. It therefore had to be fast and efficient so that 4500 customer-facing staff members could make constant use of the system in 399 branches. All inbound and outbound communications are now archived by Dejar. Inbound communications are tagged, indexed and stored against a customer record, including physical mail. Outbound communications are automatically stored, with any generic attachments linked to the record rather than duplicated.


The bank can now easily and efficiently manage, distribute, store and collaborate documents either in-house or online, with a 100 per cent true reproduction of the original document. 

  • A branded front end was designed for the bank to remain consistent with their corporate image.
  • Staff and customers now have access to searchable communication dating back to 2001.
  • The results are merged, sorted and returned to the user as a single list, typically with the most recent documents at the top of the list.

Over the period that Solution Dynamics and the bank have been working together, the organization has been able to dramatically change its business model to reflect the needs of both its staff and customers. A reduction in manual processes and the archival of huge quantities of back data has also reduced operational costs. Clients now prefer electronic delivery of communication because they know communication is easily accessible via customer portal.

  • Over 1 billion documents archived.
  • 10 million documents archived per month.
  • 2500 document searches per hour.
  • Customers can view 10 years of statement history
“We have seen a reduction in our operating costs and a significant increase in customer satisfaction, which will continue to grow as we further develop the services we can offer using Déjar.”