Digital asset and marketing campaign management



Lion is a leading beverage and food company with a portfolio that includes many of Australia and New Zealand’s favourite brands.

  • Without a central repository for product information, any changes to marketing materials required manual work from a centralised design team.
  • Marketing assets were created and held by multiple suppliers, with no record kept of who had what. This made finding and accessing assets difficult for marketing and sales teams when creating campaigns.
  • Images were created and held in different formats depending on the supplier and current need. The design team had to reformat for different campaigns or medium.
  • Any minor change to a campaign to customise to a retailer required the sales rep to request a central design team to make the change.

Lion needed a tool that would hold all product information and marketing assets, enabling authorised users to create and publish customised campaigns across any media (eg website, email) using browser access for remote teams.


Lion found only two possible global suppliers who could meet their specific need.

Selecting Solution Dynamics as their partner because of the cost-efficiency of their Bremy solution, a review was undertaken to understand processes, procedures and how the product could eliminate the issues that Lion was facing.

“Bremy found a way to lift our efficiency through creative process and system solutions,” says Mike Burke, the National Activation Manager for Lion.

Bremy is a cloud based marketing workflow and publishing solution that centralises storage of assets and allows authorised users to create customised materials using templates. Access is via web browser, enabling sales reps, remote marketing teams, suppliers and even customers to create controlled marketing materials.


Bremy reduced lion’s costs significantly, on both hard and soft expenses.

Since Bremy was introduced, the company is saving time by using super templates and no longer has to access these through the design team. For one-off campaigns they use templates that are set on demand which targets marketing, rather than sales reps, so anyone in the company can print posters, instead of waiting for them to be distributed which also saves time, money and makes the process much more efficient. Lion can now generate sales from Bremy and create point of sale materials using super templates.

  • Lion now has control over all of their assets, kept in one central repository.
  • Multiple-channel publishing enables Lion to take their intellectual property and push it to any channel they select.
  • Lion is now saving time and money, as there are no charges for uploading or downloading marketing collateral.
  • The brand is consistently executed across all media and retailers.
  • Time to market for campaigns has been significantly reduced.
  • Errors have been dramatically decreased.
  • Sales reps can automatically produce print material for their customised campaign by working through their CRM Siebel and selecting what campaign they want to run and to which retailer. Printed outputs (eg posters, flyers and price tickets) are automatically created and sent.

“When Lion went out to market to look for a Digital Asset Management tool that would manage our soft assets, we were inundated with options from companies from around the world. Solution Dynamics was one of only two who actually tailored a solution to our needs, but did so with the greatest cost efficiency.”