Multi-channel customer communication


As a world leader in Dental Practice Management software which enables automation and customised patient communications, Software of Excellence (SoE) wanted to provide their customers with an easy to use multichannel communication tool (ie email, SMS and physical mail).

  • Dental practices typically handle communications with their patients in a manual, time consuming and expensive way. The cost and hassle meant that dentists were not communicating with their patients as frequently as they needed to with recall reminders.
  • With physical mail providing additional cut-through compared to only using email and SMS, SOE wanted to provide dentists with a solution that enhanced their communication, thereby helping the practice to grow their revenue by increasing the rate of recalls (return visits by patients) and existing patient marketing opportunities.
  • Software of Excellence General Manager APAC, Jonathan Engle, said “The inherent challenge of traditional mail has traditionally been cost and physical handling, but at the same time addressed letters are highly effective for capturing people’s attention and getting better recall outcomes.”

As a software developer, SOE could develop a solution in-house, but lacked expertise in multi-channel communication and had no existing relationships with mail house processing suppliers.


SOE adopted Solution Dynamics’ DejarMail to reduce the mailing and handling costs of physical mail for each practice and take the ‘human factor’ out of the mail preparation process.

Integrated into SOE, DejarMail enables the dental practice to create, approve and activate multi-channel communications to end customers. The production and despatch of the communication is handled automatically – whether email, SMS or physical mail.

With this technology we’re doing three things simultaneously – increasing peace of mind, reducing costs and increasing revenue” Jonathan said. “We’re taking a multi-channel approach because everyone is different and they respond in different ways. This also reflects that better recall effectiveness means better revenue performance for dentists.”


Dental Practices can now automatically use 3 different media (email, SMS and physical mail) to communicate directly with their patients. This has driven recall effectiveness to more than 85%, a critical factor in the financial success of a practice.

The increase in patients returning to their dentist has made the cost of the solution a great investment. Adoption by each practice has met ambitious expectations, with high usage driven by the excellent ROI each practice is achieving.

After the outstanding success of DejarMail in Australia and New Zealand, SOE launched into the UK in 2015. Work is under way to add additional tools which will further help practices drive increased patient visits. 

“The fact is that when you have people in processes, things don’t always go to plan. Postage is not as effective without automation – we have seen dental practices that print recall letters at the beginning of the month and they pile up until they got around to dealing with them.”