bremy ADAM is a secure, web-based digital asset library, capable of managing and re-purposing files for alternate use. ADAM allows users to quickly upload and view images without the need for time-consuming formatting or third-party software.

An intuitive operating environment means that even inexperienced users can easily navigate the system. And because ADAM is web-based, it can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Improved productivity. Greater internal transparency. Streamlined communication. ADAM means better business for your company.

Preserving brand/corporate identity for global companies has never been easier. ADAM’s cutting edge technology means that managing duplicate files, changes and updates, file tracking and large file transfers are no longer the headache they once were.

ADAM’s fast and powerful search tool means that users can quickly access the exact image required. Built-in customisable presets allow users to convert to web compatible files, high resolution CMYK files or anything in between. And because files are re-purposed during the download process, there is no need for multiple files to be stored – which means fewer duplicated files and less confusion.

From single photographs to inter-related components containing audio and video data, ADAM is compatible with all popular image and video file formats. With ADAM, emailing large files, tracking master copies and converting files between formats will become a thing of the past.

Using ADAM

ADAM uses a simple Windows style file system which makes it very easy to navigate, categorise and store assets. When assets are uploaded to the server, ADAM automatically extracts standard information about the file before asking the user if they wish to provide any additional details such as a job number, campaign title or descriptive text.

Once the file has been uploaded to ADAM, users can perform simple searches using keywords or perform advanced searches based on specific details. ADAM also provides full management
to the end user and includes an easy to use ‘collection basket’ process for single or multiple file downloads.

ADAM’s features allow businesses to streamline a traditionally slow and error-prone process within a feature rich, user-friendly web environment:

  • version control
  • image manipulation
  • re-purpose files
  • bulk uploads
  • extensive user control
  • meta-data association
  • commencement and expiry date
  • User Licence Agreement (UCLA) Control

Easy to use

ADAM’s point-and-click functionality is incredibly easy to use and operate. Because ADAM is web- based, there is no need for any extra software and it works within any IT environment, on any platform.

Increase your productivity

Because ADAM streamlines your file sharing and updating process, you’ll save precious time and improve business efficiency and productivity. Improved workflow and processes mean a reduced margin of error, faster decision making and faster turnaround on changes and approvals.

Improve internal transparency

ADAM allows greater visibility and control over file sharing and editing. Because all file interactions are recorded, individual accountability and clarity over who controls each document is increased. And because file sharing becomes so simple, it’s so much easier for brand representation to be consistent.