With bremy Database Publishing, your company can streamline the creation and modification of any publication.

Database Publishing is ideal for retailers who need a fast turnaround, wish to synchronise across various media, such as print, web and email, and reduce costly errors during production of marketing material.

bremy Database Publishing links the single source of data with the layout application, ensuring that changes made at either end of the workflow are captured throughout all publications in real-time.

By utilising an interface between a database and a layout application, such as Adobe InDesign,bremy Database Publishing creates a semi- complete publication (a ‘template’) that can be used repeatedly with new data. Because the majority of the process is automated, you’ll save considerable time and effort in the publication process.

bremy Database Publishing utilises a database containing product descriptions and associated images. This data is placed in predefined templates in Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. The information is then automatically formatted. Photos are resized to fit the document layout and fonts are allocated to the different text fields. Once images and text have been imported, the system allows for adjustments and changes to the layout. Because the system links the database with the layout application, changes made at either end are automatically updated at the other. As the layout format is flexible, publication design can be rigid or free-form. Images in the database can be automatically converted as required; high resolution for printing, low resolution for the web.

bremy Database Publishing can also work with other modules to help streamline workflow and provide faster, more accurate results.

How bremy Database Publishing works

Database Publishing follows a simple five-step process.

  1. Create templates
  2. Select product short-list. (A product list can create links between complementary products, set image use guidelines and more.)
  3. Fill in templates
  4. Proof and approve
  5. Publish to web, email, catalogue or POS

Database Publishing has already been utilised by a large homeware retailer to move from producing monthly catalogues to publishing weekly product brochures with fewer staff, fewer errors and at reduced costs. A leading appliance retailer has also saved time and money by managing its promotional web and print campaigns from the same product database.

How can bremy Database Publishing help your business?

Fast turnaround time

  • Speed up proofing and approval times
  • Templates allow for fast production of regular publications
  • An automatic image converter saves formatting time
  • Live data link with catalogue content allowing real time synchronisation

Improved accuracy

Consistent images can be used throughout all publications

  • A single source of data and imagery avoids confusion
  • Repetitive tasks are minimised resulting in fewer user-generated errors
  • All changes and copies can be stored electronically

Reduced costs

  • The need for production resources is minimised
  • Your business can increase output without additional expense
  • bremy’s InternetProof tool saves further proofing costs if also integrated into the workflow solution