Fast. Economical. Simple. bremy’s Email Newsletter will transform the way your company manages direct marketing programmes through email.

bremy’s Email Newsletter provides users with multiple newsletter templates that can be easily customised with company logos and imagery. An easy to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor or standard HTML system makes content loading simple.

Create mailing list driven campaigns and target newsletters by demographic. Users can quickly see if newsletters are being opened and also gain valuable statistics to ensure databases are current.

In the age of electronic publishing, companies are looking for fast, simple ways to get their message delivered and noticed. Email newsletters are one of the most popular methods of achieving this, however creating and maintaining email templates, mailing lists and product information can quickly become a headache without a streamlined system.

Poorly formatted, unprofessional newsletter emails can do more harm than good to your business. The bremy Email Newsletter solution allows you to create consistently high quality newsletters that reflect your corporate identity. Powerful reporting features provide vital feedback and allow you to test and measure your marketing campaigns. Mailing lists can be maintained from existing third-party websites and there are no limits to email recipients.

Using bremy’s Email Newsletter

Traditionally, email newsletters are produced by a single staff member who has the technical know-how to produce a newsletter and adhere to the company’s corporate identity. This is typically undertaken from a specific workstation with graphics and imagery loaded on the computer’s hard drive, therefore tying the process to one static location. Other staff members may be responsible for developing and updating the database and sorting these into various groups depending on the company’s target demographics. Another staff member may be responsible for gathering promotional information and creating suitable newsletter content. These processes are then brought together and the email newsletters are sent to the recipients without any method of tracking delivery or checking for redundant email addresses, let alone obtaining information about who opened the newsletters and whether the email was actually used to drive traffic to the company website.

How it works

bremy’s Email Newsletter solution allows you to create professional newsletters quickly and easily. The user-friendly template system can be accessed from any computer, anywhere. Upload and manage files, view statistics and reports, eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce errors and save valuable time and money.

Easy to use templates

The bremy Email Newsletter allows users to quickly create and send newsletters using a template system. Multiple templates can be created and stored for future use.

Dynamic mailing lists

Code placed into an existing website can automatically add user names and email addresses into mailing lists residing on the system. Users can also subscribe to other newsletters and invite others using this method.

Dynamic email content

Used in conjunction with bremy’s Database Publishing solution, email content can be tailored to the target audience.

Mailing list management

Once set up, the mailing lists are maintained automatically via web page links. Using the reports received from the system, redundant email addresses can be removed ensuring the database is relevant and up to date.