Take full control of your business’s creation and production jobs by proofing and collaborating electronically.

bremy’s ’s Internet Proof allows users to provide their input on files of popular graphic format (including hi-res graphics and specialty printing files) from virtually any computer in the world, without having to install specialised software.

bremy’s Internet Proof allows you to make decisions and produce material faster, with fewer errors and lower costs than conventional proofing approaches. Using an intuitive point- and-click interface, multiple users can collaborate online in real-time, using text chat, audio and/or video, making annotations, applying notes and recording additional changes to any document or image.

Traditionally, the proofing process is time- consuming and often requires multiple ‘rounds’ as updates and changes are made and approved. Travel schedules and time-zone differences can slow the process even further. Making changes and comments can become confusing and frustrating. Variations in document versions and updates can become lost or overlooked.

bremy’s Internet Proof streamlines the proofing process also by allowing everyone involved access to the same file at the same time. Real time input allows multiple users to make changes quickly and easily without delays. A variety of tools make input clear (video, audio, markers, text and chat).

Each comment is captured electronically and can be viewed from any computer (PC or Mac) that has a web-browser. Staff who are overseas, on leave, or working from home can be involved in vital changes or updates without having to commit significant time.

Using Internet Proof

When users are set up on the system, they are assigned their own unique ‘mark-up’ colour so that any notes or comments can be referenced to each user. Once a document is uploaded, the relevant users are notified by email that the proofing stage is ready.

They can then log-on to the server and begin making comments and notes using the tools from the toolbar. All notes and comments are saved on the system. When printed, annotations made on the document will be visible, along with a detailed list of textual notes. The document can then be revised according to these notes and annotations and uploaded again as a revision under the same file name. Next, an email is sent to notify those involved that a new revision is now available for viewing. All revisions are saved and associated together, building a detailed history for the project.

Internet Proof allows users greater control over the proofing procedure whilst saving time and money. Geographical barriers are eliminated along with the need for costly, slow delivery methods such as couriers, faxing, CD burning and printing. Accuracy and accountability are increased with 100% of all input being captured electronically and stored in the system.

Internet Proof features:

    • Account management by any system administrator
    • Online real-time collaboration (multi-user)
    • Record of client’s changes (annotations)
    • Ability to print internal job reference sheet
    • Browse, search and view proofs
    • Upload and archive proofs
    • Automatic email notification when new proofs are uploaded
    • Revisions and archive of proofing jobs
    • Access and utilisation reporting
    • Real time collaborative tools allowing multi-user sessions
    • Supports single or multipage documents
    • Supports standard file formats such as PDF, TIFF, EPS etc
    • Optimised services – fast internet connection not required
    • Open system for integration into existing digital workflows
    • Email notification service
    • Job progress status reporting
    • High-level data integrity, backup and security
    • Records all proofing remarks and notes against each job