bremy’s Online Ordering solution provides a fast and easy shopping- basket style ordering system.

Clients can order stock items from an internal warehouse or direct from a supplier in one simple process. Items typically include customisable stationery, point of sale and marketing items.

The feature-rich system manages the entire order process, from reminders about low stock to reporting and payment.

Using Online Ordering

bremy’s Online Ordering system allows clients to quickly and easily place orders at any time of the day or night. The user-friendly system allows for individual addresses or special requests to be added before the order is sent directly to the printer or warehouse for immediate dispatch.

Items that require updating or modification, such as business cards, can be created, proofed, and ordered at the same time, saving your business a significant amount of time and money. Clients can even pay at the time of ordering by using the secure online payment facility.

bremy’s Online Ordering also allows clients to control and preview stock levels and pricing. An archive feature records all orders, including editable items, which allows for fast re-ordering of repeat items as well as reporting on order status and history.

Because the system can be configured to allow for restrictions such as budget constraints, order limitations, authorisation, and user access, errors and budget overspends are greatly reduced.

’s Online Ordering system includes a number of automated features that can be customised to reduce staff workload and improve business efficiency. These include:

  • Emails to warn of low stock
  • Authorisation of orders
  • Completion of store information
  • Integrates with other database systems and MIS and POS
  • Super Template options for highly sophisticated templates requirement
  • Automated payment gateways
  • Custom reports generation