Now you can quickly create your own customised stationery from anywhere across the globe with Stationery.

bremy’s Stationery solution allows you to quickly and easily produce professional standard stationery without having to rely on external suppliers.

Because the system is so fast and easy to use, very little training is required to produce consistently high quality stationery that adheres to corporate guidelines. Files can be produced quickly without the need for desktop publishing software, and because all items are logged, reporting and statistic gathering is easy.

For most companies, large or small, updating, creating and reproducing business cards can be a time-consuming and expensive exercise. Collating information, seeking approval, and print processing can take weeks.

Traditionally, this process involved the HR department contacting each individual staff member and obtaining updated details, having new staff fill in details, checking for spelling errors and making corrections. Proofs and re-proofs would then be required before the card could finally be signed off and sent through to the printer.

bremy’s Stationery solution streamlines and simplifies the process, saving time, money and effort. Clients can create business card templates which are formatted with the company logo, colours, fonts etc. Users can easily change details and approve online within minutes. Super Templates can also be produced to automatically populate the template using advanced logic.

Using bremy Stationery

Templates can be created, either within your own company, through your ad agency or directly by bremy. Text and images can then be easily inserted and adjusted using a range of formatting and cropping tools. And because the system is web-based, proofing and approval can be done by anyone, anywhere in the world. Files can then be electronically sent to your printer and the job is done. Creating professional, consistently produced stationery no longer requires a lengthy time commitment from your staff, bremy’s advanced technology makes it easy and saves you money.

bremy Stationery can increase your business’s productivity and efficiency

Faster time to market

  • Enjoy a faster production cycle with pre-designed templates
  • Save time by printing locally using pre-approved templates
  • Save on production resources
  • Staff can quickly proof/approve stationery from virtually anywhere in the world

Higher degree of customisation

  • Content can be easily modified
  • Templates can be viewed from any computer
  • Even inexperienced users find the system easy to use

Greater quality control

  • The system allows for individual accountability
  • Everything is recorded – who printed what and when authorised individuals can customise material
  • Opportunity for error is reduced • Save time and money by printing in-house or locally
  • Consistency of images, logos, colour and fonts is assured