bremy’s Ticketing solution helps save you time and money in the creation of print-ready PDFs. You can now populate templates, tickets and point of sale (POS) material with your own data whilst adhering to set specifications for fonts, sizes and colours.

With bremy Ticketing, you can quickly and easily create professionally formatted material without relying
on external suppliers.

Because the system is so fast and easy to use, very little training is required to produce consistently high quality material that adheres to corporate guidelines. Files can be produced quickly without the need for desktop publishing software, and because all tickets are logged, reporting and statistic gathering is easy.

Producing professional POS material and tickets used to be an expensive, lengthy process. Inconsistencies, poor formatting and incorrect colours and fonts, slowed the process and could give amateurish results.

bremy’s Ticketing is the ideal solution for clients who require POS consistency throughout their branches. Chains of retail stores generally have branches located far and wide across the country. The corporate identity of these stores is a key asset and something that usually takes considerable time and money to develop. A common problem for chain stores is that production of printed material such as price tickets, window posters and shelf talkers are usually produced in a mass-run through an agency. Once a store runs out of material, they often have to produce their own ‘in-house’ versions. In the majority of cases, stores have to try and access up-to-date logos, find correct fonts and colours and try to create a result that looks as close as possible to the professional version. Not only does this cost the business time and money, but the end result can look sub- standard and impact on customer perception.

Using bremy Ticketing

Ticketing keeps your POS ticket files secure and accessible. Templates can be created, either within your own company, through your ad agency or directly by bremy. Text and images can then be easily inserted and adjusted using a range of formatting and cropping tools. And because the system is web-based, proofing and approval can be done by anyone, anywhere in the world. Finished high resolution files can then be electronically sent to your printer and the job is done. Fast, professional, consistent. It all adds up to greater savings and a better image for your business.

Online Ticketing follows a very simple and user friendly process. Clients simply login to the site and enter a username and password. Users are then taken to their own company branded website where they can select templates for modification and ordering. Once the modifiable fields (e.g. promotion, product description, product number, price) etc. are set, the user will then have the option to correct or accept the proof. This is then sent on to an authoriser who will either approve or decline the order. Alternatively, the user can download the PDF file and print tickets in store.

bremy Ticketing makes customisation easy:

  • Content can be easily modified
  • Templates can be viewed from any computer
  • Even inexperienced users find the system easy to use
  • Greater quality control
  • The system allows for individual accountability
  • Everything is recorded – who printed what and when
  • Only authorised individuals can customise material
  • Opportunity for error is reduced
  • Consistency of images, logos, colour and fonts is assured