Proofing video files has never been easier.

bremy’s Video Proofing solution enables your business to digitally proof video files frame-by- frame. The result is a faster decision making process, fewer errors and lower costs than other conventional proofing approaches.

Using an intuitive point-and-click interface, multiple users can collaborate online in real-time, using text chat, audio and/or video, making annotations, applying notes and recording additional changes to each frame of a video. Users can provide their input from virtually any computer, anywhere around the world without the need for specialised software.

Traditionally, the proofing process requires each relevant individual to be present within a screening room to discuss the video/TVC. Their input is then noted during the meeting after which CDs and/or tapes are sent out to those who are required to provide further input or feedback. This process can be very time- consuming and often requires multiple ‘rounds’ as updates and changes are made and approved.

Travel schedules and time-zone differences can slow the process even further. Input is not always clear and conflicting messages can make changes difficult to reconcile. Frame by frame comments can also be very difficult to capture if the CDs and/or tapes are sent out.

bremy’s Video Proofing solution streamlines the proofing process by allowing everyone involved access to the same video file at the same time. Real time input and advanced frame by frame screening capability allows multiple users to suggest changes quickly and easily without delays. A variety of tools make input clear (video, audio, markers, text and chat). Each comment is captured and can be viewed from any computer (PC or Mac) that has a web-browser.

How can bremy Video Proofing help your company?

Faster Decisions

Because multiple users can collaborate online at the same time, in real time, the speed of the proofing process is greatly increased. A well structured workflow streamlines the process, reduces the complexity and allows for clear and final deadlines.

Reduced Errors

bremy’s Video Proofing has a wide range of tools to simplify communication and input. Because every frame that has a comment is flagged, accuracy standards are increased.

Greater Transparency

The Video Proofing tool allows one person to set clear rules regarding the proofing process. 100% of all input is captured digitally and stored in the system. This provides greater control over the entire procedure and improves accountability and transparency.

No Geographical Barriers

Because those required in the proofing process can be involved regardless of their location, time and costs are significantly reduced – what used to take days or weeks can now be done within hours.

Reduced Costs

The Video Proofing tool eliminates the need for costly, slow delivery methods such as couriers, faxing, CD burning and printing.