Content Creation and Publishing Solution

Composer is a content creation solution that helps your company to automatically create templates, documents and letters with predefined, customised content, formatted to each customer’s requirements.

Templates, documents, emails, letters and newsletters created by Composer are automated, ready to archive, print, publish online, or to email and fax to millions of customers in one easy step.

Composer is a multi-user solution that is easy, fast and efficient to use. The documents created on Composer are formatted to each customer’s requirements. The user simply adds or deletes text, paragraphs, images or other document assets, they then submit the document for approval using the Composer in-built approval engine, once approved the newly created document can be output via a number of different channels.

Composer is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which is hosted in our secure Tier 3 datacentre.

Composer allows you to standardise corporate communications in the following ways:

  1.   Standardise corporate documentation for all users, including regional and legal requirements.
  2.   Create single page and multipage letters in PDF for output to any channels (email, print, fax, etc)
  3.   Archive and access documents securely via the internet.
  4.   Authorise creation of content and tasks by location, team or user.
  5.   Automated content checking for inappropriate words and phrases.