Eliminate inefficient manual print and post across your organisation using desktop mail.

Volume processing and postage rates on every letter you send

Outsource all print and mail production with DejarMail. By providing a simple way for you to transfer print ready documents into a mailhouse, you can take advantage of economies of scale for production and delivery of every letter you send.  This will significantly reduce your costs, whilst also providing an easy transition into optional electronic delivery of your communication.

The benefits to you

  • Reduced delivery costs.
  • Opportunity to review every document prior to delivery.
  • Free up internal resources from non-core activities.
  • Email delivery as an option with even further cost reductions.
  • Opportunity to introduce true document archiving.
  • Full security applied to all user access and data transfer functions.

How it works

DéjarMail is a web based application that accepts PDF documents either as single individual documents or multiple documents within a single PDF file and prepares them for bulk postal delivery or email.

Documents are transferred securely to the service where they are processed and made available for online viewing. Pre-loaded letterhead images are overlaid where required. Each document is checked for layout errors and providing they meet pre-set criteria, classed as approved; ready for production.

Prior to production, the user can connect to our secure website and search/review any document: removing or holding documents as required. Once the production deadline has been reached all documents are consolidated, postal addresses are validated, and post codes allocated where missing, (or corrected if wrong). A print file is then output ready for full colour printing. By placing an email address on any document, email delivery can be achieved by attaching the PDF document to a personalised email message.

Once documents have been produced and output, copies can be archived providing full access to all historic documents on line with advanced search and recovery functions.

Dejar mail