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Paper Data And Web Based Solution | A User Friendly Solution

Déjar differs from other archiving systems. As a basic feature it processes the original spool files, data that are usually sent to the high volume printers. Déjar in fact behaves as a high volume printer itself, analyzing the data and storing individual components along with indexing information. These parts are then reconstructed when the document is requested and delivered as a complete document to the client. Because Déjar works like a high volume printer, the documents the client will receive are a precise dot for dot copy of the document originally printed.

The system provides its own user management. The users can be split into several groups, where each group can have access to certain documents only and each group can have different rights to features of the system. Every action taken within the system, particularly relating to documents, is logged in the system.

Déjar provides a web application to work with the documents. This means the user needs only his favourite web browser to access all the functionality the system offers. This also means that the look and feel of the Déjar web application can match each customer’s desired look and feel precisely.

Besides the standard publish-render feature set, Déjar also offers other useful features such as batch export, notes, history and document e-mailing.

Déjar can be installed as a standalone system, but it can also become a fully integrated part of the customer’s environment. It offers an open interface to a 3rd party system such as SAP or Internet Banking systems. It is also highly scalable to cover all the request load a customer would require. You can purchase and install the system yourself or you can ask one of the partners and use the system as a service.

Documents stored in Déjar are typically viewed during a customer’s client driven request. In a typical situation a client arrives at a local bank (energy, insurance company etc) branch or contacts their call centre to enquire about a document previously sent to them. An operator then logs into the Déjar web application, locates the client’s documents and displays them online.