Our mail house and technology services will efficiently produce and deliver your marketing and billing communications across any channel. As one of the top three mail houses in New Zealand we provide direct services in that market.  Outside New Zealand we provide mail house services through our partner network in Australia, UK and Europe.

SDL is the only Mailhouse to become a registered postal operator and access partner of NZ Post.  This enables us to provide complete management of customers business postage work flow from document creation through to physical delivery, with the added advantage of single supplier invoicing ultimately simplifying the invoice reconciliation process.

Business Services

We provide a wide range of mail processing and fulfillment services, including collateral stocking management and distribution as well as comprehensive mail house services.  Find out more about out business services.

Mailhouse Service

From intelligent machine processing of large transaction volumes, to manual hand assembly of bespoke campaigns including postal/courier lodgement of completed packs, our mailhouse service makes communicating with your customers easy, effective and efficient. Find out more about our mailhouse service.

Desktop (Hybrid) Mail

SDL has successfully implemented “desktop mail” in a number of clients and countries.  This is also referred to by some organisations as “hybrid mail”.

Large organisations are usually oblivious to the cost they incur in ad hoc mail.  These are letters generated from desks and offices around the organisation that are manually printed, stuffed and posted at full postage rates.  This ad hoc (hybrid) mail is between 15% – 30% of the total mailing cost of an organisation.

SDL’s Desktop Mail solution (called Dejar Mail) can reduce this cost by one third – which can be hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum.

Find out more about how Desktop Mail can reduce cost in your business.